Restarting restricts me from logging on?

By Weazel99
Sep 26, 2010
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  1. Hi all,
    So i have a laptop. It's an HP pavilion, with windows vista home premium, 4g of memory, ATI-Radeon 3200 HD graphics (not sure if my graphics is relevent). I was playing Star Wars on Steam, and it kept crashing (steam) so i restarted my computer. It logged in as the "default profile" or whatever and all my icons were big and my background changed to one of vista's. So i restarted again and now it doesn't let me log in. it has my profile picture and name, and i'm pretty sure the password is the same too, but i type in my password and it says "The User Profile Service service failed the logon. User Profile cannot be loaded." i restarted it again and this problem still exists. What does this mean? How do i log in? will windows XP fix this problem?
  2. EDO219

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    Eh ... perhaps I am jumping the gun on this one, but the log-on error may be due to a virus. The large icons and background image change lead me to wonder if your PC was having an issue with your video card.

    One thing to try is to restart the PC and keep hitting the appropriate F key to specify how Windows is to be booted up. An option should read something like "boot Windows from the last known good configuration". That might fix the odd, seemingly video card related issues with Steam crashing and the large icons.

    The log-on error concerns me though.
  3. Weazel99

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    thanks. i'll try that.
  4. Weazel99

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    um, ok so that didn't work, considering the fact that option doesn't exist. i tried running in safe mode, but i still have to log in, and of course i can't do that. Is there any way to whipe a harddrive externally? and put windows XP on it? im not too concerned about losing data, i have backups, i just want a working laptop. im sure XP would totally fix all the crappy, stupid, lame stuff vista pulls on you.
  5. LookinAround

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  6. Weazel99

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    lol, ok so you can log in in safe mode. i didn't try, i just thought it would go directly to the boot up like XP.
  7. Weazel99

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    YES! whoa thanks guys!! u have no idea how bored i would be without my lappy! so ya, im adding google to my friends list.

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