Review of Asus S96J Notebook

By AtK SpAdE
Jul 11, 2006
  1. Review of Asus S96J Notebook, First review, Go easy on me.

    Review Of Asus s96J.

    I ordered this Laptop from, after careful planning of my needs; They were

    Small(er) size
    Decent performance

    The s96j seemed to fit the bill. I got mine equipped with

    2.13Ghz Intel Core Duo
    2GB DDR2 667Mhz (Corsair)
    X1600 256Mb Mobility
    80 GB 5200 RPM SATA Drive
    DVD +/- RW
    Intel Pro Wireless

    _________________Pros of the Notebook_______________________________

    -Price- I was really looking for value here. Finding that middle range where price meets performance was something that took me along to accomplish. For around 1600 USD this was a lot of notebook with not a lot of excess spending.

    -Usability- I wanted a notebook that delivered both performance and ease of use. I needed good enough battery life, without settling for sub par gaming. Again, this was a very hard niche to find.

    -Quality- This notebook is rock solid. The keyboard has very little give (just the way I like it) It doesn’t run too hot. The screen has very good color and response time. I have used CRT’s all my life, and this LCD blew them out of the water.

    -Future Ready- With a Core Duo (Socket 479) this notebook is ready for multithreaded applications. Also, while it is not confirmed, the notebook is rumored to be Core 2 Duo ready (memrom)

    __________Cons of the Notebook_____________________________________

    -Battery Life- While it is not too bad, I do not get the 2 hours as told by Asus. I could look into getting a 12cell but I do have 2 batteries, which I recommend to anyone who is using the laptop for an extended amount of time.

    -Cooling- When doing heavy work (Gaming) the CPU gets quite toasty, but not the notebook itself. I guess this is sort of expected with the conditions of a notebook.

    -Speakers- Defiantly not a deal breaker, but the speakers on the laptop are horrible. I am not talking bad, rather, terrible. Listening to music via the built in speakers is not a option if you need quality.

    Cpu Info


    Cooling Setup
  2. AtK SpAdE

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    225 Views, and no comments, I guess thats good right?
  3. altheman

    altheman TS Rookie Posts: 425

    lol, nice review, simple but with pictures. Just one thing, your laptop fan looks quite similar to my own. I see you have one fan for both CPU and GPU. This is like mine. I would've prefered one with seperate fans, because if only the CPU gets hot, then the fan for both has to start again.
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