Right Click Screen Properties very slow to load

By kf6wax
Jul 11, 2008
  1. I have a neighbors computer a Dell Dimension 4300 with 4 gig of Ram and an almost empty 60 gig H/Drive
    The problem I am trying to rectify is a very very slow to load Right Click Screen Properties.

    When you right click on the desktop an hour glass comes up and it takes 30 seconds or longer before screen properties will open.

    I have cleared the cache and all TEMP folders including %TEMP% from the run window.
    I have defragged the H/Drive.

    I have run several SpyWare programs such as SpyBot and nothing leaps out as to why this PC is slow to load screen properties.

    I have also tried using MSCONFIG and deleting all the start up items.

    There are no "Heavy Duty" programs running on this PC and is primarily used for email and card games such as (Hoyles)

    Runs AVG Free for virus protection
    Any ideas or suggestions to rectify this slow pc would be very appreciated!!
    Thanks in advance,
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