Rolling back registry to fresh Windows

By Kothas
Feb 25, 2011
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  1. Hello,
    I got registry copy done by ERUNT, when I installed my Windows 7 and few programs. Now I want to refresh system and restore registry. When I restored my registry old programs wan't installed, but it files left. What steps should I do before restoring registry, that my system would be clean without any programs or that would be easy to remove? I'm doing it with registry, because I'm not able to just reinstall Windows.
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  3. Kothas

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    What shall I do, if I only have these files:
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    I have just found another guide for ERUNT which says it is compatible with Windows 7 but will only function correctly if you switch off User Account Control in windows' Control Panel. The restore of the backed up registry is done by finding the ERDNT.EXE file and double clicking on it. I see that is in your list of files above.

    See this link:

    If you did not switch off the User Account Control when you made the original back up I have no idea what will happen when you try to do the restore.

    This software was designed primarily for use with earlier versions of Windows and clearly has not been updated to work flawlessly with Vista or Windows 7. I would advise you to get more up to date back up software, Acronis True Image would be a wise choice.

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