router connection problems

By A random kid
Jun 24, 2007
  1. Hi,

    Recently i had a trojan.small.js virus. The one that gave me the error of 'another progrma is using this file' in ctrl panel etc.
    After removing that virus with the instruction of another thread here on techspot, my computer has been working perfectly except for one problem.
    AFter i removed the virus, my internet refuses to work.

    I do not really understand this problem because my computer is sending packets to the router, but the router does not send anything back. My computer is hard wired and doesn't work, while all the other computers in the house are running off wireless and their internet is working fine. I have tried multiple things including unplugging the router and replugging it to restart the connection, and reinstalling internet controller software.

    However none of this works and it continues to say 'limited or no connectivity'. I have not been able to acess the router thru the router settings to see if the problem lies there because I don't know the password and username, which are not default. My brother had changed them and i am not aware of them. I am trying as much as possible to avoid doing a hard reset on the router because i do not wnat to loose all my internet settings.

    any help is appreciated
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  3. A random kid

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    thanks alot after i gt back from my friends house ill try those, it seems they should work =)
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    Since this is the only machine that is hardwired in your network, is it possible that you have damaged the Ethernet cable or its crimped-on connectors? Since it so easy and fast to do, I suggest swapping out the current cable with a known working cable to test it.
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