Sager np9262 questions

By alisbin
Oct 2, 2008
  1. hey mates,
    i'm getting rid of my desktop system cause i'm tired as hell of the size of it, replacing it AND getting a nice laptop would be the same as a nice desktop replacement so i decided on the sager np9262 (based on the clevo d901k i think).
    now, since i'm spending alot of money on this system i want to get some feedback from a reliable community (that would be you guys :) ).

    first of all, i'm kinda dithering between a dual and quad core build, the duals are cheaper and have a higher FSB and GHz, but i'm thinking long term gaming use here so, whats the general concensus? get quad now and wait for games to use it properly? or stick with dual? the core would either be the e6500 or the q6600.

    i'm also wondering about which video cards to get, i'm gonna get the screen with a 1920 x 1200 native res and if POSSIBLE i'd like to run my games at that. so the question becomes, am i better off with the 1gig video card or SLIed 512 cards. i've been told that at high enough res you start to need more then 512 meg but otherwise your better off with SLIed cards, however its never been made clear to me at what res that starts to be the case. the card is an nvidia 9800m gt(512)/gtx(1gig) btw.

    just as reference the stats that i'm not questioning are: 4gig of ram (2 sticks of dual channel at 800 MHz), vista ultimate 64 bit (i already own xp sp3 so i'm gonna dual boot, maybe triple boot with ubuntu later), 2 hds (1 200 gig for OS's and installs, 1 500 for storage/backup)
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