Sapphire 2900 Pro is it a good card

By andymiesta
Oct 19, 2007
  1. Hi i am wanting to upgrate to a 2900 pro graphics card since my x1650 xt will not run crysis on high settings and i can't find any reviews on the internet on the card and wanted to ask you guys if the card is worth the money the card is in my price range and is all i can afford ? I have just got a new Ezcool Infinity 700 W with 2x 6 Pin PCI-e conecters to power it and iam hoping to run 2 harddrives soon one with windows xp & the other with vista for direct x10 gaming ie (crysis) :) any suggestions thanks
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    Yeah that is a very good card... however, the new HD 2950PRO will be even better (55nm process= lower heat and power consumption :))
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  6. it will be fantastically more expensive for sure. i'm willing to bet it'll exceed the 350 dollar mark. hell..the 1gig variant of the 2900 is over 500 bucks. and the regular 512 variant of the 2900 is already expensive as hell...but it will be a worthwhile substitute until i get the money required to buy such a high end gaming card as the 3850 or 3870 or whatever they come out with next year. i dunno about you guys. but i'm just gonna stick with the 2900 for a year or two and wait for the next generation cards.
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    The HD 2900PRO will play any game you throw at it on maximum detail settings. As for the PSU, better get a new 550W one from a good manufacturer like Antec, Thermaltake, Enermax, Fortron FSP, CoolerMaster, PC Power & Cooling, OCZ, Corsair or Silverstone. You might overload your current one and it will most likely blow, taking other components with it as it does so.
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