SATA HD and partitioning help plz

By bloop87
Feb 17, 2005
  1. Hello all, I recently built a new computer and used my old hard drive and it works and all, but I wanted another hard drive, so I bought a new SATA hard drive because my motherboard can only add SATA hard drives, and it is kind of working. I plugged in all the cables and it shows an icon in My Computer folder, but it says I have to reformat it. I tried doing that but it took a long time, and I got impatient, is it suppose to take long? I also used the CD that came with the SATA hard drive and its suppose to partition (though I'm not too sure what it does), anyways, I ran the program and its taking a really really long time to "create partitions", is it suppose to take long or what, because I'm fairly new to these kind of things and not sure. Currently I am going to leave it on overnight to see if anything happens, though I doubt it will. Since I'm such a newb, any help would be appreciated on how I can get it to work if nothing happens. If it matters, I bought a Hitachi Deskstar Hard Drive with 250 GB and the program I'm using that I got with it is OnTrack Disk Manager. Thank you all.
  2. Nodsu

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    How long is "long" in your opinion?

    Yes, it will take quite a while to do a full format on such a big drive.
  3. bloop87

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    This is my second time doing it right now, the first time, I left in on when I was going to school, so about 8-9 hours and it stil didn't change anything.
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