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By puffader
Sep 11, 2007
  1. Howdy, I tried searching so if there is a previous post can someone give me the link.

    I have an Abus Mobo, not sure which one but its new, I just got a new WD sata drive 300mb for the last three months all was well, I have had no crashes, lock-ups nothing, when I left to work yesterday morning my computer was running fine, I am pretty computer literate so I make sure I defrag, run norton every day so on. Anyway when I come home my computer is on a screen saying re-start an choose OS. Looking into my Bios I discover it isn't seeing MY HD and after opening the case and checking ALL conections and checking for anything unusual in the cas and on my HD such as a burnt smell nothing seems strange. I have power to every thing (600w) and new) I removed siad HD and check connections and I restart. At first it see's it but then nothing. My only obvious concern is retreiving some important stuff of the HD, but im wondering is there something I may be missing? thanks!
  2. AlbertLionheart

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    I would suspect the controller card on the drive. You could try the drive in another machine if you can just to confirm it is not the motherboard. If no good and the data is really important you could take the drive to a professional data recovery company. Sorry.
  3. puffader

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    Is it common for this to happen? I am going to try to put it on another machine. The MoBo has 4 sata plugs right on it, should I get a card? Mabe te board is the problem? Anyway it was just weird as everything is pretty much Brandnew.....
  4. puffader

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    I know no one cares, but for anyone that has a HD dissapear read on, I went to fry's bought a new HD, then a good guy down there that I allways talk to told me my MoBo battery was probably dead! "DUH!" I said im looking at a horse print in the sand thinking "Zebra" when all's it was was a horse, this fixed the problem, HD back..........
  5. mailpup

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    Just curious but did you get an error message like checksum error?
  6. AlbertLionheart

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    We do care!

    If the motherboard battery was dead you would find the clock was wrong too.
    And we do care - it's just that some of us try to have a life outside the forum and are not always around to deal with queries at once.
  7. puffader

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    Sorry, I didn't mean I couldn't get an answer, I ment you all probabley knew, and yes the time reset to 2006, january 1st. Beleive me I was frustrated!
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