SATA master + dual slave IDE, is it possible?

  1. Ok I have a desktop with a 400GB SATA drive. Added 1 300GB IDE drive (grey/slave connector) to my only IDE slot on my far so good. Tried to add a second 300GB drive to IDE connector (black/master) and I get all the way to the Windows screen just before the welcome screen and then......nothing, does not restart, does not freeze, just acts like it is taking 5 years to get to the welcome screen. Is there some jumper configuration I should try? I currently have no jumpers on either drive. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks. Also let me know if this is just not possible with only 1 IDE port.

    This is what I want:
    C: 400GB SATA (Master w/ OS)
    D: 300GB IDE (Slave)
    E: 300GB IDE (Slave)

    Windows XP Pro SP3
    Gigabyte GA-G41M-ES2L
    Pentium Celeron 430
    512MB DDR2 800MHz
    400GB SATA
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    The SATA hard drive is independent of the IDE drives and master and slave do not apply to it. The two IDE drives connected to the IDE controller on the same IDE cable must have one drive set to master and the other to slave or both set to cable select. Having no jumpers at all will cause the PC to not recognize either.
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    Got it all working thanks.

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