Screen black after replacing it - PackerBell Ares GM2W

By PorkCharSui
Dec 14, 2010
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  1. Hello to anyone reading this,

    I've dropped my laptop and after that my screen didn't work anymore, the picture was al garbled. Although it still does work when I plug it on an external screen. So I thought, in that case... it has to be something with the screen or the cable. So I replaced them with new ones, the screen(Product# P0003939-T) and the cable(Product# P0009216-T). I even wanted to replace the backlight inverter, but seeing that the new and the old inverter had the exact same result I stuck with the old(original) one.

    Now when I turn it on I only get a black(not blank) screen. When I use the 'Fn+F3' key combo to switch to the external screen it still works. When I then switch back to the laptop, the screen works there too, until the screen is reinitialised(witch happens a few times during startup), then it goed back to black.
    This does however only work as long as Windows hasn't loaded yet, because in Windows this little trick doesn't work anymore and the laptop screen doesn't come back on when I try to switch to it.

    I've tried removing battery and power, holding power button up to a minute and then turning it back on again, but that doesn't do anything.

    So now I'm fresh out of ideas and teh intarwebz has no new ideas to offer me, so I thought... maybe... just maybe some other geek has had this same problem... or even better, works for PackerdBell and knows exactly whats going on here and can give me the solution!

    So... If your out there and know what I can do(and that doesn't mean ways to get artisticly agressive, believe me I've thought of those >:D) PLEASE help me!

    Thanks for any replies in advance.
  2. Computerpete

    Computerpete TS Rookie Posts: 120

    It sounds to me like a graphics chip gone bad get someone to check it out for you.

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