Screen flashing black.

By IllegalPrime
Aug 18, 2006
  1. Hi everyone,
    After leaving my pc on for an extended amount of time I notice my monitor flashing black. You can hear the monitor click, and then the image comes back a second later. These are some observations I made:

    -When the flashing occurs, my cpu load shoots from idle to about 70-80%

    -Activity seems to stop just before the flash, I know this because my cursor doesn’t highlight items just before the flash and the cursor becomes a little sluggish.

    -When I quickly play though my songlist in winamp (repeatedly press next) this encourages flashing.

    -The flashing is unpredictable I can have the machine run for a week fine then it happens all of a sudden. I reboot its still there. I reboot a little later an it’s gone...

    -The temps inside my case are all normal and I don't believe anything is overheating.

    -I also run ubuntu on the same machine and none of these problems are apparent.

    -This started happening after I cleaned out my pc and upgraded the RAM with 512x2 of OCZ. I tried without and the flashing hasn't happened yet. Although, this rarely ever happens anyway. Is there a way of checking what’s causing the problem?

    cpu: 3.4 p4 prescott
    mobo: Intel 915pbl
    RAM: 256x2 OCZ DDRII(533mhz)
    512x2 OCZ DDRII(533mhz)
    hdd: WD 250gb SATA
    Maxtor 40gb ATA
    Video: ATI x700 PCI-e
    Sound:Integrated into mobo
    Case: Antec Sonata
    PSW: 450W Antec

    I switched my video card to the ATI 1900GT and the flashing no longers occurs.
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