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By w1n5t0n4
Sep 20, 2011
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  1. So, today, i was simply using my laptop like any other day, but today, my graphics card suddenly decided to stop working. The only reasons i can think of that might have caused it are: my laptop's screen was slammed shut today, and at another time, after the slam, my laptop tried to go to sleep, but the screen just stayed black and the laptop stayed on. My laptop would not sleep after about 5 minutes, so i shut if off by holding the power button. when i restarted the computer, the graphics card failed often (by often i mean several times in 1 minute). The error notification say something along the lines of "Intel Graphics driver for XP (r) has stopped working and fixed itself."
    I'm not sure about the XP part of it because my laptop is running Windows 7 Home Premium. Now, my laptop boots up fine, and goes into a normal state (i can tell because sometimes, quite rarely, the screen flickers back to normal) where i can put it to sleep perfectly fine...

    i don't think much will be needed for specs, but, Win 7 Home premium 64-bit, Intel graphics card, sony vaio laptop

    I really need help as i use my laptop everyday for school.

    If you need any more information about the laptop, i would be happy to give it to you.

    Thanks in advance.
    - w1n5t0n4

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