Screen shows verticle lines and will not load into windows

By johnt2008
Nov 15, 2007
  1. When I turn my computer on, the windows xp screen shows verticle blue lines and the computer will not boot into windows. The only way to get into windows is safe mode.

    Yesterday, I was playing a game called World of Warcraft and suddenly full of verticle jumping lines appeared. Then I minimized the game; the jumping lines were still there and I noticed my desktop icons had changed colors. After that, I tried to restart my computer and it will not boot into windows.

    I think it's a video card problem. If it is, is there a way to boot into windows anyway?

    Computer Specs:
    asus a8n5x
    amd athlon x2 4200+
    evga geforce 7800gt
    2gigs corsair (4x512mb)
    enermax 535w PSU
    windows xp pro
  2. thedanny

    thedanny TS Rookie

    Try replacing your Power Supply and Video card, try one then the other. Usually Vertical lines or "jaggy" lines that are noticed in games is a sign of either overheating/video card failure or power supply malfunction. Hope this helps you!
  3. Ares878

    Ares878 TS Rookie

    Yes, i agree with Danny...


    "a game called World of Warcraft"

    horrid game--told my friend his pc would catch on fire if he installed it... and it did

    okay jk
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