Screen turns off and tower still on

By fire0fear
Nov 5, 2007
  1. Hey guys ive been strugglin with an off and on problem for a good while, initially i thought my video card was bad because i could be doin pretty much anything and somethin glitches, screen goes black, u can hear lil noises thru the sound, and the tower is still on, learned to just kinda unplug it and plug into another outlet usually worked, but now my wife found out if u unplug net and comp and replug em in starts up... no idea what it could be, i sent my video card in for warranty when this started, that didnt fix it, so i went to the power supply, it had a burn mark in one of the pin holes, so i sent it in, got a new one, thought the problem was gone, it was.. for awhile.. and now recently its been startin back up, can this be a problem wit my motherboard or? i just duno wut it could be, Thanks
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    Hi fireOfear and welcome to TechSpot.:wave:

    Your problem could be heat related. Open your pc up and give it a good dust out and see if that helps.

    Also, Google and get Everest home edition and use that to monitor temperatures and voltages for a while.
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    Well i was usin my MSI temp program, i noticed my volts were fluxuating but this was b4 i sent in the pwer supple, when i got the new one, no jumps at all, temps have been fine for as long as ive had it and ive even gotten 2 more fans, so i got my cpu fan, side fan, duals on power supply and two in back, i would think heat too but i mean ive kept it fairly blown out since i built it, i just duno wut it could be, could like like 4 things imo
  4. Rik

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    Get everest home tho, it gives much more detailed info.
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