Seagate expansion hard drive worked fine until I aborted a conversion to a compressed drive

By andye
Oct 27, 2012
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  1. It is on a computer running XP SP3. Now, it shows up in “My Computer” but with no statistics and I cannot open it. The drive does not show up in Windows Disk Management. I have gone thru the Seagate website's “External Drive Trouble Shooter for WinDOWS xp/2000” as well as contacting Seagate Support with no success. I have tried Windows Format, DOS Format, Seatools for Windows, HD LFF Low Level Format, testdisk_win, and Disk Wizard with no success. The drive showed up but they all reported failure in testing and/or accessing the disk. Seatools for DOS sounds like it would do the trick but it didnotrecognizeeitherofmyexternaldrives, theotheroneofwhichisworking.Can anyone recommend a fix? Seems to me that it is a software problem, not a hardware problem, so there should be a software solution. I have very limited funds and can't afford to replace the drive right now. It is used as a backup drive so loss of the data on the drive is not an issue. I'll just run another backup when the drive is restored to health. My boot drive is not backed up on this drive, so that is not a problem.
  2. alexe3831

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    Have you tried reinitializing the drive?
  3. tipstir

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    Is this USB external HDD? If so download the free copy of USBDVIEW run that as the admin and look for that seagate HDD and remove USB connection for it. Under device manager remove the driver but don't delete it. Make sure that this drive is not attach at the time of removing the driver or using UsBDView. Once you done what I've describe reboot the system wait until the system is booted up into Windows. Then re-attach the USB HDD back to the system. If you have issue then the HDD might need to be re-format again.

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