Seeking advice on P/S for big upgrade

  1. Added some new H/W to my (2 ½ year old} system and now my Ocz Falit1ty 550 Watt P/S shuts off almost instantly upon powering up. I can’t see any way there’s a short, and it still runs alright if I disconnect the new W/D red 2TG hard drives and remove the new AMD 7950 video card. I wouldn’t be surprised if it heated up under load – but it can’t even begin to boot. I do a lot of editing, rendering, and converting of lengthy video files so I need to be able to accommodate and sustain a heavy CPU / GPU load.
    I used to think that 550 W was big, but now I’m looking to buy a heavier P/S. I would appreciate experienced opinions on how big I actually need to go. My system when upgraded will be:
    Gigabyte M/B GA890GPA-UD3H
    AMD Black Edition four–core Phenom II @ 3.6GHz
    TBD P/S
    32 GB PC1600 (4x8)
    LG CD/DVD R/W; Blu-ray Read only
    LG CD/DVD/ Blu-ray Read/Write
    Sapphire AMD HD 7950
    (4) W/D red 2TG harddrives
    (1) 240 GB Consair SATA III SSD

    When Intel releases its next “Tick” I may upgrade to a new Intel CPU and an appropriate new M/B, but that’ll probably use less power than my present AMD CPU does now.
    I am looking at the SeaSonic X Series X-850 that Newegg has on sale through today for $129.99. It seems to have good reviews.
    Thoughts anyone?
  2. Blkfx1

    Blkfx1 TS Evangelist Posts: 851   +201

    I would considering picking up any of the follow:

    Corsair TX650 ($89.99)
    Corsair TX750 ($109.99)
    Antec Neo Eco 620 (69.99)

    All will provide you with solid performance. I would also recommend an 850W variation of either the TX or HX Corsair PSU's. That will give you a bit of room for future upgrades.
  3. Poordirtfarmer

    Poordirtfarmer TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Blkfx1. I placed an order for the Corsair HX 850 last night. Just caught the sale + rebate window and saved a few bucks.

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