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By DonNagual
Jan 1, 2013
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  1. JimEagle

    JimEagle TS Rookie

    My laptop was purchased in Japan with Japanese keyboard and Japanese version of Win 8. I cannot recall the setup steps exactly, but I guess I would have selected Japanese keyboard.
    I have experience with English XP and Japanese keyboard, when the best way to arrange is Japanese input using Japanese keyboard and then change to "Direct input" to input English directly when required, so I would have selected Japanese keyboard this time around. I am sorry, I cannot help you with how to switch keyboards, but I have some comments as to how my PC is set up that might give some hints.
    I found that everything I did before I installed the English language pack is still shown in Japanese text after the language pack was installed. Eg, I accessed a wifi network before the installation of the English language pack and the network name continues to be in Japanese. This might give some hints as to why some of your text is in Japanese as well.
    I found that when using the English language pack, on startup I have the English keyboard. Once the Japanese IME is installed, all I need to do is change the input (bottom right on taskbar) from ENG to Japanese Microsoft IME and the keyboard changes to Japanese layout. Each time the PC is started it starts up on ENG and I need to make this change manually, I have not yet found the means to change this automatically on startup.
    If this works for you, then I would really appreciate some technical assistance with automatically changing the input setting on startup, as I have yet to find a solution to this.
    Hope this is useful.
    Best regards
  2. pluto

    pluto TS Rookie

    Ok... this was so painful. I've had a similar problem.

    The instructions at are correct and work for Windows 8.
    Do edit the registry yourself. I haven't tried the program, but you don't really need it since it's just a few registry entry edits.

    I installed a Japanese version of Windows 8 on a US Keyboard laptop. I forgot to select the keyboard settings on install.

    Therefore, I had : when I wanted ', and so on. All the symbols were everywhere.
    Carefully change the registry values as outlined on that page. Choose the format you want (US and Korean keyboard values at the bottom).

    One final tip. When doing this, change your password to something simple!
    Since I couldn't see what I was typing when I set the password, I had no idea I was using unintended symbols from the different layout. After I fixed the layout, I spent 30 minutes, and probably 50 or so attempts to try and log back in. Change your password temporarily to alphabet only, symbols will screw you over!

    Final slightly unrelated note:
    The language packs that you can install on top of your installations (Windows 7 Ultimate and Windows 8) do not actually change the version. So if you install an US English Windows, applying a Japanese language pack will change all the menus into Japanese, but in the end it's still a US_EN version.
  3. altkitakyushu

    altkitakyushu TS Rookie

    Hi guys! I also experienced this. I bought a Japanese laptop (windows 8) and installed the English language pack. Now it's running in English OS. I already had fixed the keyboard layout problem. Here's the file I used. I just clicked the registry file (jkeyb), clicked yes, then it was done. Don't forget to always use the Japanese Microsoft IME keyboard. Hope this would help you.

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  4. Flashinthejapan

    Flashinthejapan TS Rookie

    Had the same issues with this. Hope this rather cheesy video someone made might help, to do with the 106/109 keyboard.
    Have to admit though it hasnt been a fulltime fix and sometimes have had to redo.

  5. Brandonburi

    Brandonburi TS Rookie

     So I gave that a try on my Japanese Bought 8.1 machine, but got a little lost. Didn't really see how to do what you said. Mind giving a bit more detail?
  6. Erika.AHQ

    Erika.AHQ TS Rookie

    I am experiencing the exact same problem atm. I have a laptop bought in Japan, with Windows 8, and I installed English keyboard. It was fine for a few weeks, both when I typed in Japanese and English (and also Spanish, which I installed around the same time as English). But now all my symbols are messed up. The @ is in shift+2, the + is in shift+^ and so on. I don't know how to fix it :/ Any help? Please!
  7. mike1959

    mike1959 TS Addict Posts: 1,126   +22

    If you have the options installed then you can use the 'Windows/start key' + space to switch between them, or LEFT-click on the language layout next to the left of the time; eg 'ENG UK' and the options will show onscreen.
  8. Brandonburi

    Brandonburi TS Rookie

    Fixed, sort of.

    Do to another mess up I had to restore my system, and after I did that it worked fine after I kept the Japanese IME selected. Not recommending you do this, but it is what worked for me. Up until that point I simply made stickers and put them on the correct keys.

    Do note that if you type in the \ character on power-shell in the Japanese version in will read as a yen sign ¥.

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