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By deseraligears
Dec 21, 2008
  1. I hope this is in the correct forum, so here goes. We have opened an ofiice in an old blg, and when we called ATT they said we could get a dsl line! well they made a mistake, so we explored a t1 line to much money. ok the people we rent from have a server, so someone suggested we do a wireless bridge. We are not directly in thair line of sight so is there a way to connect to a server wirelessly from building to building if the connecting bldg is 150 yrds away. Thanks any help would be appreciated or a site for help. There will only be two maybe three computers in use lap tops with docking stations or just lap tops.

    oh forgot , we are using att sticks now , but slow and cumbersome also we are not the same company so w its two differant servers. Thanks again.
  2. jobeard

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    On the server, install a MIMO router which will have higher radio output.
    Mount the router (at the server) near a window that faces your building and
    set the SSID to something you and the owner agree upon.

    Take a laptop with a WiFi adapter and stand outside your building and verify you can
    get a good signal and connect.

    Once that works, you get a Wireless Bridge (usually an Access Point configured as a bridge),
    like this.

    Once it all works (ie your systems have internet access), the MIMO router should have encryption enabled and your Bridge will need the key to connect.
  3. deseraligears

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    service access

    Thanks Joe I will try it on monday and let youknow. Now I oqe you another Beer at the rate i am going you will never have to buy a beer for the rest of your life. let you know
  4. adweston

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    Mmm.. One of my favorite jobs, wireless distribution systems.

    A couple of 600mW WAPs, two 11dB antennas and someone that knows what they're doing to set them up and you're in business. ;)

    You may also want to look at the 100mW routers too.. I've sent a signal over 500ft through trees, line of sight with one of those things and a 7dB antenna. :D

    My record so far is two square miles of coverage with 2 WAPs, 2 14dB omni-directionals, an 11 dB unidirectional with a modified client bridge on the other side of the bay.. Go me!! lol

    Don't waste your time with standard routers, because they only have a 26mW output. You can crank them up with something like DD-WRT, but then you burn out the comm chips REAL quick.
  5. deseraligears

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    Thanks for the help we got my friends neighbor involved it company he is buying a weatherproof tower like unit that will send signal to server 60 70 yrds away and than pc (laptops) will connect wirelesly to router in office and he says that should work !

    should we use a router inside that you suggested? thanks as always
  6. deseraligears

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    using two 108 mbps antenna super G company EnGenius they are weatherproff

    have a pretty good signal already but will mount both outside eart net to server!

    router in office is linkys N
  7. adweston

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    You can't use those antennas on a Wireless N router. In fact, you can' t use most aftermarket antennas on an N. There are one or two designed specifically for Wireless N. Standard A/B/G/Super G antennas will NOT work!!
  8. ebrider13

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  9. deseraligears

    deseraligears TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 100


    They hooked them up and it works, ! I will double check the router and let you know , belive they
    put one near the server and one in our office. I am not sure of the type near server but belive it is not an N so is that why it works?
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