"Server is Busy" dialog box for no apparent reason

By Knot2Brite
Mar 21, 2009
  1. hello,

    This morning I had a major BSOD with Windows running CHKDSK 3 times. I reinstalled my firewall (online armor free) which seems to have been the problem Now this afternoon a program I have used for years (mind jet seven) is displaying a dialog box indicating the service is busy and another program is busy. The offered choices -- switch or retry do nothing.

    I doubt it is Malware related. My real-time AS/AV is avast. Weekly I do a on-demand scan using avira. my firewall has HIPS. My web surfing is New York Times and Wall Street Journal so I stay away from dubious sites.

    I can't help but wonder if some essential system file became corrupt this morning. On Google there were some three or four-year-old exchanges about ASPI files but I don't understand what they were talking about.

    I certainly appreciate any thoughts or suggestions.

    Thank you
  2. Bobbye

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    If the server is busy, it means the traffic is great and they cannot handle anymore at that time!

    And although it is not likely the culprit in the case, there can 'always' be malware!
  3. Knot2Brite

    Knot2Brite TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 49


    My newly updated firewall did something, that is the extent of my tech knowledge.

    I uninstall and everything is normal. Reinstall and error msg. Uninstall and all is well.
  4. gbhall

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    The server is not busy. It is being blocked by the firewall. You need to read the manual to see what the program needs. Usually it turns out to be a local port to be open. You would be better off with one of our recommended firewalls, e.g. ZoneAlarm, which lets you know what the program is trying to do. It is not a good idea to run without something.
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