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By Bark4Soul
Dec 6, 2006
  1. I didn't know where to post this, so I apologize in advance. I need some help though. I am moving up to a small po dunk town and the family I'm staying with knows NOTHING about the computer setup. But they do have cable or DSL (Can't get them to tell me which) and I have my box now and a good wireless router. I should have the cabling to do it all also. What I need is some basic step by step things to get this going. I have a wireless card in my box so this new computer will be the one having it hard wired to the router. Can anyone help me or link me to a "Wireless setup for dummies" type of deal? Any help here would be awesome....thanx you..

    And if this needs to be moved, go for it, just lemme know where lol
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    Thank you, a lot..I will look into it asap!
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    Okay need help again from someone

    So in my first post I said I was moving and I needed help setting up a network. Well I am here, I am on the "Main" computer that will be sharing the net so I was wondering if someone could help. Well, where I am at, they have Qwest DSl internet with a modem that says "DSL with wireless gateway" does that mean it has a wireless router also built into it?

    I am somewhat lost and I will tell you why, when I open up the network connection on THIS box (Not mine) it says under the Local Area connection "SiS190 100/10 Ethernet connection"

    Mine says like "Linksys Wireless router..."

    Do I have to have both boxes talking to the same equipment to make the net work if they're are NO other networks in the area?

    Next question, so then if what i said above is true, do I have to install the Linksys stuff on this box or the qwest stuff on my box? Sorry that is confusing but those who understand wireless networks will know.

    Please any help here is appreciated!!
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    I had quest dsl about a year ago, and unless things have changed, their modem acts as a wireless router, which would give you no use for the linksis router. Basically, all you really have to do is find the software that came with the modem, install it on the main computer, and hardwire the modem to the main computer, via usb or ethernet. Then all you really have to do is go on the computer with the wireless card and and connect to the wireless network. You may have to enter a wep data encryption code if its a secure network, so make sure you write that down when you form it.
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    Well let me clarify here, My box (Box 2 well call it) has a wireless card in the back so it wont be hardwired. The box that is here where i just moved (Box 1) has the quest DSL with the modem/router. My box a week ago had the Linksys stuff in it, so do I need to UNINSTALL the Linksys stuff and find the qwest stuff and install that? I hope that helps at all, the old box, Box 1 is the main that is hard wired, mine will be wireless, I just needed to know if that was a router and modem (Which is sounds like it is) and what software to install and where to go from there...
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    I have looked all day (Not that anyone is replying to my crap) and I can't find the disk that had whatever software I needed on it. Does anyone know, if that can be downloaded from a website? And if anyone ever used Qwest, what kind of software am I looking for anyways? What is the general name of the program?
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