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By SharonMason
Sep 6, 2016
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  1. I have the error message The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume Elements into drive E:
    What does it mean and how do I fix it
  2. EndlessWaves

    EndlessWaves TS Booster Posts: 164   +34

    That depends entirely on what's giving it.

    At a guess this is some sort of program installer and it's asking you to insert a different CD/DVD.
  3. SharonMason

    SharonMason TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Since I posted the last question on what to do with an error message that won't go away--my first message on this forum--"The wrong volume is in the drive. Please insert volume Elements into drive E"--the message changed a few times to "Please insert a new disk into Drive." Then when I press "Cancel" on this message, it changes back to the same wrong volume message. I tried shutting the computer down but it would not power off. I suppose I could try to power off by holding the power button down, but I'm afraid to as I read elsewhere on the forum that someone did that with a similar message and received a black screen afterwards. I have received no replies so far.
    The computer is an HP Notebook and I've only had it five months. I tried what a reply to the other person's (who had a wrong volume error) post was that suggested "going into Msconfig and unchecking all on the System configuration except the antiirus and firewall,"but on my Windows 10 system I could not find any boxes to uncheck, just a list of items on startup. I seem to be able to use the computer, go into Email, and even put in a CD which ran fine. I just have to move the wrong voume message around.Can anyone help me?
  4. jobeard

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    Need to know the precise sequence of YOUR action that lead up to this message:

    You boot the system and then ....

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