Should I upgrade my HD 5770 -- need a new PSU?

By Ale3hKa
Jun 29, 2011
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  1. Hi guys, recently i've bought HPE 450-f, i-7 870@2.93ghz. RAM 8gb Radeon5770... i've noticed that when i record videos while gaming i do get low FPS, so i wanted to get a new graphic card... I was thinking about gtx 580 or 470, do i need a new power supply (currenly it's 550W i believe)?
  2. klepto12

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    the gtx 570 would be better imo than getting the 580 just because it uses less power and is still a monster of a card. unless that 550 watt psu is top notch i would advise you to get a new psu of high quality like a corsair 650 watt or higher or ocz , or pc power and cooling.

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