Sims2 problem with directX 9.0 - sims was working fine before then suddenly stopped

By sophiesophie
Apr 13, 2009
  1. Hello, basically i have been able to play the sims 2 on this same computer since the week it came out, as i brought it then, yesterday however, i was cleaning up the computer by uninstalling certian things that were making the computer slow.
    I do not think i uninstalled anything relevant to the graphics card but im guessing i could have unknowingly done so. Im getting the same error that alot of people have but still havent been able to fix it.
    The error says that it failed to find any directX 9.0c compatible graphics adapters in the system.
    Helllllllllp pleaseee?

    Also im using windows XP and my graphics card is fine as the Sims has been playing on it before alongside with various other games.
    I have tried changing the hardware acceleration section but that was full anyway so i couldnt change it.
    & i have downloaded directx9.0c but that didnt change anything.

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