Slave Drive wont register

By biffmofo
Jan 21, 2005
  1. Hi. I have a dell 2400 and it came with a 40gig hd. Well needless to say i filled it up and bought an 80gig western digital. here is my problem. I installed it to the computer. jumpers are right on BOTH drives. they are both plugged into the right spot on the cable. This is where the fun begins. I go into my computer and system info and hardware and device manager and its in there. it says its working proporly. I even went into bios and turned on the slave drive. The problem is when i go into my computer that it doesnt register. I cant save anything to it cuz its not there. but device manager says its there and working proprly. any ideas anyone?? Thanks!! CIAO!

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    If you are using XP (maybe 2000 can do this too?) you need to go to the Administrative Tools control panel. Then Computer Management, then Disk Management. Your new drive will show up there, what you will need to do is create a partition in the unpartitioned space (your drive came unpartitioned).

    Your new drive likely came with a cd (unless it was OEM) and it will have tools that you can partition it, the disk is probably bootable. If you did buy it as an OEM drive and it didn't come with a disk, you can download the utility from Western Digital's website.

    If you are running 9x it is possible to do this by booting from a floppy and runing fdisk, but I don't recommend doing it that way because using the utility from WD is easier.
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