SLI and HL2

By Secondgunman
Apr 7, 2005
  1. So I just go my new rig up and running peak only to see my northbridge fan bug out on me. As I run two Asus Extream N6800 TD cards I have yet to find a third party after market fan to replace it, so I went back to the store I got the mother board at they were going to book me for repairs a week later, pull the Mobo ship it off have Asus do the work ship it back to the store put the board back in and call me when it was done. this would have taken about 4 -6 weeks, so I took the tower home called Asus told them I am an IT student and I would do the work pulled only the fan out to give the heat sink air flow they are shipping me the fan that I will put in and it will all lbe done in 7 buisness days, costing Asus and me alot less money.

    No I can still play TFC and Half Life 2, do my homework and chat online as the fan realy is not needed unless you are overclocking and if I need more power I just buy a better CPU. I have HL2 running good with SLI but I realy thing there are still some drive issues that nVidia needs to address as there are still some glitches in the game when I use SLI but wit all the problem there are I would not give SLI up for anything.

    What I would like to know is anyone els using SLI have glitches running HL2; shuch as lines in the sky, moving objects and some text.

    Anyone know of good settings for the cards and, or tricks to making the game look and run top notch.

    What other games with SLI support do you peple like Other then HL2 and Doom III?
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