Sms card reader wont work on my pc

By femmym
Sep 5, 2009
  1. hi does anyone know what could be stopping my card reader from working on my pc,when i put the USB in the port on pc it reconises the card card reader but thats as far as it goes it should show a box which includes the one i use to export the pics to the pc its not showing up.
    yet when i tried it on my other tower it worked no problem i was wondering if there might be a programme that might be blocking it from working as it used to work in the past . its a TRUST sms card reader . i know its not the card reader as i said above as it works on my other tower.
  2. blerina

    blerina TS Rookie

    have you tried on one USB port or all of them. because it could be that USB port is damaged. or some virus is making problems. also don't try to plug it through an extension USB cable..that wont work either
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