sound problem. There is none!!

By cj20032005
Apr 1, 2007
  1. I get no sound when i try to play a video and when i try to play an mp3 or someother music it will not play anything. i have no sound but i do get video. all the sound drivers say working properly when i look at them. when i look at the sounds and devices in control panel it shows all gray where i cannot click on anything in sounds and devices. Please help and any questions i will try to answer.
  2. Xorior

    Xorior TS Rookie Posts: 19

    Make sure nothing is disable in Device Manager. Otherwise, i would:
    Reinstall sound drivers. Download the latest drivers for your sound device from the manufacturers website. Drivers are usually always under the 'Support' section of the website. Make sure to note which version of Windows the drivers are for (XP, SP1, or SP2) and make sure you have Windows updated to a compatible version for your sound drivers. Sometimes, that can fix the problem.
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