Sound skipping

By BarryR
Aug 24, 2010
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  1. Hay guys.

    I'm having problems with my Audio on my system.

    I'm running Windows XP Pro with all the updates. to Serv Pack 3

    My main board is AMD Althlon 64 X2 Dule Core Processor 4200+

    I'm running 4 gig of ram but with Windows XP I'm only getting 3.21 Gb

    I've Driver Detective installed and have downloaded two days ago the newer Soundmax drivers "SoundMAX_Audio_V51016480_XP"

    But even before the update the sound was skipping..

    More times than not its when I'm watching a DVD through PowerDVD 10 Mark II

    again. I've uninstalled and reinstalled and nothing seems to put the problem right.

    The last time somthing like this happend I ended up going back the the original drivers that came on disk with the mainboard.

    But the problem keeps recurring.

    I have Malwarebytes installed thinking it might be a bug in the system and AVG anti virus installed. Nothing found..

    I have cleand out my system registry and still no Joy... So what is the problem??

    Hope some one can point me in the right direction.. :darth:

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