Soundblaster 5.1 Power Output??

By mstpaintball
Feb 16, 2005
  1. Well, I upgraded my Sony Vaio, went from a Nvidia MX-440 64mb to a BFG 6800GT 256mb.
    In doing so I had to change my powersupply, well my desktop speakers power cable was plugged directly into the original powersupply. So when I swapped out powersupplies I lost power to my desktop speakers.

    So, there is a black plug-in on the Soundblaster 5.1, is this a power output?? I currently have onboad audio, Yahmaha something, so I thought from the looks of the Soundblaster 5.1 it might have a power output. in silence.

    Also, original powersupply had a small brown 3-pin "P2" plug, plugged into my motherboard, well my new powersupply doesn't have this plug....but things seem to be working fine at the moment lol.

    Please excuse any bad spelling or gammer, I'm very sick with a cold/flu or something.

  2. X-Humed

    X-Humed TS Rookie

    green = front
    black = rear
    pink = mic
    blue = line in
    orange = centre/subwoofer

    if i remember right.... i'm to old to go ferreting on my hands and knees to check :)
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