Soundcard driver Soundmax?

By cedric_vdb
Oct 4, 2008
  1. Hello everyone.

    I have re-installed a windows XP Pro on my generic chinese PC (so full of virus / spyware, that it could barely work).

    The new win XP has been installed apart from the old one, they are now side by side and I can switch from one to another at startup (of course, my intention is to terminate the first windows XP once all software drivers are installed for the second one).

    I now find myself without a soundcard driver. I never had the installation disc.
    previously I was running on SOUNDMAX. But the installer i could find on the net didn't work.

    When i go back to first win XP, i can find the drivers of the multimedia audio controller (in system 32), but transfering them in the new system 32 doesn't seem to do the job.

    Any idea ?

    Thanks in advance
  2. CCT

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    Download and run Everest Home (it is free):

    Once you download it, click on it and let it install and then run it from the icon on your desktop.

    Click on the + sign beside 'Computer', then on 'Summary', then go to the VERY Top of the screen and click on 'report'.

    Note: the 'Very Top' isn't one line down, it means what it says.

    Cursor over 'quick report-summary' and then click on 'plain text' and then click on 'save to file' and change the 'save in' folder to 'Desktop' and then click 'Save'.

    Clear all your open windows and on the Desktop click on that 'report.txt' icon - this will open it in a text editor
    (probably Notepad) and then use your mouse to highlight ALL the 'debug' entries and delete them, then use your mouse to hilight all the remaining text then copy and paste it to here.

    For future reference: once you open Everest, click on file, preferences, report and uncheck the 'include debug information in the report' box. People rarely want to see that stuff.
  3. cedric_vdb

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    probably this could help...

    Board: ASUSTeK Computer INC. P4S8X-X REV 1.xx
  4. CCT

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  5. cedric_vdb

    cedric_vdb TS Rookie Topic Starter

    victory !!!!

    Everything works fine...

    Thank you TECHSPOT GURU, not only you helped me out of this, but you did it in less than 5 minutes.

    You are my new guru !!!

  6. CCT

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    Well, essentially I am a Google Guru which maybe makes me a Gurgle but thanks anyway.

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