Spore - only who played

By bielius
Feb 19, 2009
  1. i'm stuck at the tribe thing, when i need to ally with other tribe, they just put some white and black signs and i don't understand what to press, and after a while they show a sign with number(1 or 2) i understand that i have to click something or somewhere, because the normal 2/1 buttons don't work... any advice appreciated!
  2. avrygirl

    avrygirl TS Rookie

    When you go to ally with a tribe, you have to bring your music players with you. (e.g. maracas or either of those horns things) It's best if you bring all three types of instruments. You'll have to impress them twice to ally with them. Now, when they hold up the signs (or a balloon appears over their heads) click the button where the mating call is that corresponds to the icon they are displaying. the chioces should be on the bottom left. Hope this helps! (is currently on space stage)
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