Spyware.cyberlog-x popups

By bungar
Jul 29, 2008
  1. I constantly get these annoying popups("critical sytem warning. Spyware cyberlog-X").Searched other threads from this forum and they recommend downloading HJT and other software.The problem i have is ever since i started getting these pop ups they block certain websites like majorgeeks,trend secure etc and they redirect me instead to some"Jump" website.I can open all the other sites except for any that have anything to do with antivirus,spyware trojans protection.Please help.Each time i open my internet explorer it directs me to C:\WINDOWS\system32\spywarewarning.mht.
  2. Buddha50

    Buddha50 TS Rookie Posts: 22

    well there is only one thing i can say you have a DIGITAL STD, yes a virus. those popups you are seeing is the virus in a graphical form. i dont know how you got it but it is in your system. Also from my expierience those types are trojans. So your best bet is to backup all your data and do a fresh install of your operating system
  3. SpiritWind

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    Hi Bungar :

    Sounds like you have malware that has "modified" your "Hosts File", preventing
    you from going to useful malware-fighting Sites . In an attempt to "counter" this,
    I recommend you try going to and
    download the FREE "HostsXpert" . IF successful, you will need to "extract/unzip"
    the downloaded files to install it . IF successful, select the "Restore MS Hosts"
    and/or "Remove Block Items" feature(s) to see IF that "corrects" the Situation !?
  4. bungar

    bungar TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Well thanks guys for all your responses.Well i downloaded a program called "trojan remover" and i guess it did the trick.I also ran Ad-aware 2008 and again in safe mode and i hope im now virus free.I no longer get the pop-ups and i can browse to any website i like.Here is my HJT log..
  5. Buddha50

    Buddha50 TS Rookie Posts: 22

    just be careful sometimes that stuff is self replicating. so even though it may seem like your software gets rid of it it may still be in there.
  6. Blind Dragon

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    addicentally posted
  7. bungar

    bungar TS Rookie Topic Starter


    thanks for that will try and keep an eye on it.
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