Start Menu refusing to apply themes

By temporalrft
Jul 14, 2007
  1. I received a laptop from my company yesterday that was used by one of my co-workers before me...and wasn't wiped and restored before I got it. The first thing I noticed was that the start menu had a Windows Classic theme applied to it, though the taskbar and everything else had an XP theme. I've tried replacing the uxptheme.dll file with one off my home system in Safe Mode and searched for other instances of the file (which I deleted) and none of those solutions has worked.

    I've read a bunch of suggestions based on the taskbar being the element to refuse the change, but none of the threads I've read on any site seems to cover this issue, let alone fix it...and I'm running out of ideas.

    WinXP sp2
    NVidia Quadro FX
    2Gig RAM
    Dell Precision M60

    The image I attached is a screenshot of my problem. Any suggestions you might have are appreciated.
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