Steam weekend sale: 39% off Splinter Cell bundle

By Matthew
May 28, 2010
  1. Have a penchant for lurking in the shadows and nabbing guards from behind? Then hop on over to Steam and take advantage of this weekend's deal: 39% off Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell Elite Echelon Edition (don't bother trying to read that out loud).

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  2. Damn, Steam is crazy with these discounts. It's sad other companies just have the solution to their "problem" right in front of them, and yet they just prefer DRM. (I see you Ubisoft.)

    However, the only game worth the money in that pack is Chaos Theory, really. Conviction was disappointing...

  3. You found Infiltration mode disappointing? If the entire game sucked so bad it was unplayable, Infiltration mode alone would save it. Can anyone say "first to bag 10 guards wins"? :p
  4. The game (Conviction) itself, it's not bad. It's disappointing because it does not feel like Splinter Cell. I know what the developers tried to do by making it more accessible and more action-focused. But the game is too repetitive. The first hour mark and execute was the coolest thing, but then it got old; it became more like free kills. Chaos Theory was much more hardcore, and it's only 9.99.

    I believe Conviction was alright, but definitely NOT worth the 60 bucks, sorry.
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