Storm surge on my HP mn1160 media center tower

By seeknpeace
Jan 21, 2011
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  1. It appears that during a storm, my tower was damaged, affected, whatever. The tower will not turn on. However, the green light on the back below the electrical plug flashes when plugged up. I have tried making sure that the on off swich is making contact, and I plan to unplug all the electrical plugs that could have been affected and then seeing if it works, and plugging them back in one by one to see if one of them were damaged. I have been told that there is a fuse that could have been blown but I cannot find a mention of one nor placement of one on the mother board. Is there a fuse?

    I have also made sure that the surge protector has been reset, the outlet is fine, etc.
  2. jobeard

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    internal to the PSU and nothing you would recognize if you saw it.
    A good friend had this very same experience and we had to replace the PSU and all was just fine. Having suffered once, the user quickly added a UPS to the setup.
  3. seeknpeace

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    Darling, you must tell me what a PSU is, and what a UPS is besides a brown truck. I tear my systems down, replace things, add things but I do not know Geek Speak and I need some help, I am thinking maybe Power Supply Unit But, the UPS?
  4. jobeard

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    PSU: Power Supply Unit

    UPS: Uninterruptible Power Supply, (also known as a power conditioner)

    Modern PSUs are complicated and you will need more than a V.O.M. to work on it.
    I built shortwave radios many decades ago, but have since moved on. Most computer advocates are not qualified to work on the guts of a PSU as a great many are Switching Units which convert A/C in to square waves and then regulate the period and the amplitude to control the output.
  5. seeknpeace

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    OK, assuming that once I have checked all the other items and it is not them and it is the PSU, I still am confused what the UPS is or how it plays into this scenario. Is it inside the PSU and if I replace the PSU will I be replacing it and I do not need to worry about that.

    Let me say before anyone gets frustrated with me, I have cognitive MS and sometimes I get confused. So bear with me. I was a stock broker by trade and now I am a disabled stock broker. I have worked on my own systems for years, but I cannot remember what things are called, etc. That is one of my issues, so I will try not to say thingamabob, but if I do I am doing the best I can at that moment.

    How much does a CPU cost? And, this computer professional who told me that it could just be the fuse, were they just confused? Is there no fuse?
  6. jobeard

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    the setup is like this

    A/C wall outlet ===> UPS box ====>your computer -->which has a PSU inside it
    90% of us run just
    A/C wall outlet =======>your computer -->which has a PSU inside it
    and thus supply issues at the wall outlet can damage the PSU inside the computer.

    Does that clarifiy it?
  7. seeknpeace

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    I have been covered over and have not gotten back to the computer yet, but assuming that the cpu is bad, can I replace it with the one in my compaq tower? IF the numbers all match up, the specs are all the same, will it suffice?

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