Struggling with getting wireless to work

By flash999
Nov 27, 2008
  1. Dear All - Please help a newt in the world of wireless!

    I'm really struggling with 2 wireless internet problems and have zero time to read up on this sitch so would appreciate any advice anyone has....

    1. I have 2mb broadband connection via virgin media on cable - its connected to a Linksys wireless router - 2 PC's are connected to this via ethernet cable and work perfectly - problem is with a recently purchased Acer laptop which has wireless capability - it sees the linksys connection and even grades the signal strength as excellent! but can I get on the tinternet? can I buffalo! I have followed all the usual wizard/help files and nothing - am I missing something very simple? problem is I don't know anything about all this wireless stuff yet and havent had time to learn!..... any ideas?

    2. I rent a flat where I also have 2mb broadband connection via virgin media on cable - however they wanted to charge £40 for their router so I declined cos had read reports that they were rubbish - I got a router but it was for ASDL (?) so wasn't compatible - there will be NO pc's running off this connection, only wireless laptops - we have connected the laptop direct via ethernet and this is fine but ultimately we want it to be wireless - again - is there something I'm missing? ie, does there need to be something plugged into the laptop to receive the signal etc etc? I've heard of USB amongst others and just have no idea whats what!

    If you can revert your brain to that of a 5year old in order to reply It'd be fab! : )
    Thanks in advance...

  2. jobeard

    jobeard TS Ambassador Posts: 9,315   +618

    The router and the wireless system need to be configured.

    First, using a wired system, access the router's config page using your browser.
    The Linksys default is
    Set the SSID to other than default,
    choose a channel number
    set DHCP active
    set the IP address range for your LAN
    (later come back and enable encryption and set the key)
    change/set the admin password
    save and restart the router.​
    Now the wifi should see your new SSID and the WiFi Wizard should help you make the connection.
  3. flash999

    flash999 TS Rookie Topic Starter


    Not exactly sure what all of that means but I'll try it anyway :)
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