Svchost error + sound driver problem

By usr1000
Nov 22, 2008
  1. [SOLVED] Svchost error + sound driver problem


    I'm having this problem with svchost.exe crashing for at least a few days.

    My PC works OK for a couple of minutes, but then I get a "Generic Host Process for Win32 Services has encountered a problem and needs to close." error.

    Error signature:
    szAppName : svchost.exe szAppVer : 5.1.2600.2180
    szModName : AcGenral.dll szModVer : 5.1.2600.2993 offset : 000116e2

    After this error (and also another similar one saying the memory could not be read), I can't access the volume control (it says that no active sound mixers are available). When I go to the control panel - sound devices, it says no devices are installed.
    I see no yellow exclamation mark in device manager (I have Realtek High definition Audio).
    The sound works in winamp and in windows itself, it doesn't work in Firefox (Flash files, youtube etc).
    It gets fixed after reboot but it keeps appearing again after a few minutes.

    I scanned the PC with Avast, Spybot, but nothing found. I even tried Combofix, but to no avail.

    One thing that's weird: I checked the event viewer, and everytime, approx. 2minutes before the svchost error, there is an entry: gupdate1c92e04bada9e6a, but no further information is available.

    Can anyone help me?
    Thanks in advance.

    [EDIT]: I installedMicrosoft Worms Doors Detector, closed the remaining open ports, and no svchost error since yesterday :) I still get the weird gupdate1c92e04bada9e6a and gupdate in event viewer...
  2. LookinAround

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    Congrats :grinthumb

    I had started drafting post about your problem but was getting late so went to bed, woke up and YOU did it. Congrats again

    fyi As for gupdate, that's the of the the Google Update Service
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