Swedish appeals court upholds Julian Assange's arrest warrant

  1. A few months after a Stockholm District Court upheld the arrest warrant issued for WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a Swedish appeals court has also ruled that the detention order against him will remain in force.

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  2. In these sort of circumstances, only the guilty have something to hide. It's easy to wolf-cry 'conspiracy'. Maybe I'll try that next time one of my crimes gets exposed.

    Maybe I'll make a coffee-table book with images of Assange, Bill Cosby and Rolf Harris. I could call it The Three Little Pigs.
  3. "Maybe I'll try that next time one of my crimes gets exposed."

    Maybe I'll try that next time I publish top secret dirty stuft of the highest super powers of the world,
    threaten to keep exposing more, and suddendly I rape somebody, and, some, I hope bots, on the internet, don't see the coincidence and don't say thank your for the service of exposing those crimes.

  4. Actually I was purely commenting about his (alleged) sex crime, not his unconscionable release of secret information.

    Is it more reasonable to think that them women who have accused him work for the government, or are all liars?
  5. captaincranky

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    I don't think Assange and Cosby could be directly compared, as Cosby is being accused for accusation's sake, and it is possibly, (although perhaps not likely), that Assange is being "framed". It is a defense of convenience though.

    I'm sort of becoming immune to decades old celebrity sex scandals. It really seems that former groupies find religion, and what was enjoyable in the past, becomes the humiliation and tragedy of a feckless youth, with a handy scapegoat for one's own misbehavior.

    I'm fairly certain though, it's irresponsible to lump all instances of "sexuaL abuse" together.

    What I'd really like to know, is how many priests abused how many children, as opposed to how many, "victims of abuse ", are lying to try and cash in on the scandal.

    Julian Assange, as well as Edward Snowden, (IMHO), are both narcissists and sociopaths. Human behavior doesn't allow for acting without ulterior motivation. Those individuals who, "kiss and tell", with respect to government secrets, I believe also possess the belief they can do whatever they want, with or to anyone they please, and get away with that too. And also pass their actions off as, "being in the best interest of the public", in order to be lauded with praise. Culling admiration from the great unwashed masses, as it were.
  6. Extremely well put, captaincranky. I applaud your analysis. (no sarcasm intended).

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