Sylvania 2GB mp3 player won't play downloaded songs

By dlr719
Oct 4, 2011
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  1. My friend has a Sylvania 2gb mp3 player. She downloaded songs on itune and when the player is plugged in to the computer it shows the song, but the mp3 player won't play the song. Can someone help???
  2. mike1959

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    Mp3 player problem?

    I don't know of the MP3 player you mention, but I believe 'itunes' downloads from the Apple website in '.aac' format, which probably won't be playable if you are not using an ipod. You will see the tracks on the pc, and hear them, and you might be able to copy them to the player, but it won't be able to decode them.
    You need to convert them to .mp3 format first, then copy them to the player.
    I found this link which may explain this.

    You will find it easier to use some CD's you already own, and use say,
    Fairstars CD ripper ( )
    or, Freac CD ripper ( )
    Windows media player will do the same, but you need to change the 'Ripping' settings from the default .wma to .mp3.
    Hope that helps.
  3. sleekitwan

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    I have one, this is old thread but people will still see it. Mine worked great for several years, and they happily play either of the 'popular' windows media player formats without question - ie WMA and MP3. So, the solution given by another techspot person here is likely correct, the foreign format will not get played, and may simply be ignored by the sylvania unit, or flagged as 'unknown format'. best regards.

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