System Alert Popup Won't Go Away

By zsmith2
Dec 31, 2007
  1. So yesterday I was surfing the web and ran into a website that said I needed a new version of activeX or something like that in order to watch a YouTube-style video. I was stupid and thought it was real, so now my computer has a bunch of spyware crap on it. I downloaded a anti-spyware program and it got rid of everything except this damn system alert popup that appears in my system tray. I'm a total noob when it comes to cleaning or fixing my comp so I was hoping someone here could help. Thanks a lot...
  2. gavinseabrook

    gavinseabrook TS Rookie Posts: 320

    Yeah, never did trust Active X stuff. If I could reccomend a program to get rid of that system alert pop up is, it is free and I have never found another program to remove that annoying system error popup message. REMEMBER RUN A FULL SCAN!!!
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