System idle process slowing the PC down

  1. I have a process called system idle process running in the task manager..when i start up windows it is using a lot of my cpu.

    I tried to remove virus and spyware etc...but no use

    now i think i may have to reinstall windows

    elsewhere i read that this process is showing you how much of the cpu is question is if that is what it had to do...then why is it using a lot of that cpu..if all other processes show %cpu time as in use why should this one be an exception?
  2. Benny26

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    The system idle process cpu reading is normal...No need to worry about that.
  3. Cremaster

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    Stop now.

    System Idle is when your computer is doing nothing which is what your computer should be doing most of the time.

    I wish mine was more idle. It will be just fine and then it slows down. A check shows that usually the system idle is at 0% and some other rouge program is checking for updates or running code that I never said "ok computer, I want you to go out on the internet every 30 minutes and check for updates for windows, apple crap, printer crap, driver crap, antivirus crap (but I do have that set up to check every 2 hours) then I want you to download what ever you please and install it when I am trying to edit music or video".

    A high system idle is good. Do nothingn.

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