System occasionally doesn't boot. After disconnecting from power it boots.

By Lalala
Oct 4, 2013
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  1. For some time I have the following problem:

    When I want to boot my system occasionally nothing happens. It behaves like there is no power. I can push the power button but nothing happens. Same behavior when I push the onboard power or reset switch (which are lighted, means: there is power).

    After disconnecting from power for 5 to 30 min. and/or pushing the power button for approximately 30 sec. the systems boots flawlessly.

    What I've done so far:

    • BIOS-Update
    • Load BIOS defaults
    • Memtest86 (no Errors = RAM is okay)
    • AIDA System Test (everything okay)
    • GPU-Tests (everything okay)

    When the problem has appeared the first time there was no hardware-change for long . Some days before this issue I've changed something (unfortunatly I've forgotten what exactly) in the power management of the intel network connection. (occasionally my network connection was disconnected - now solved)

    Unfortunatly this issue appears randomly (e.g. last 4 days no probs), which makes trouble-shooting hard.

    Maybe somebody has an idea.

    System Specs:
    DX79SI AAG28808-600 BTSI20700040, BIOS Version SIX7910J.86A.0590.2013.0717.2343, Corsair Professional Series Gold AX750 750W ATX 2.31, Intel Core i7-3930K, 28596 MB Kingston HyperX KHX1600C9D3/4GX, SAMSUNG HD103SJ ATA Device (1000 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II), SAMSUNG HD753LJ ATA Device (750 GB, 7200 RPM, SATA-II), SAMSUNG SSD 830 Series ATA Device (SATA-III), NVIDIA GeForce GTX 570, NEC MultiSync PA301W, Microsoft Windows 7 Professional Service Pack 1
  2. Tmagic650

    Tmagic650 TS Ambassador Posts: 17,244   +234

    "which are lighted, means: there is power"... Maybe not enough power. Or this could be a motherboard issue

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