System software needed

By sparkie4080
May 5, 2010
  1. Greetings all.

    I've been looking for the system software that came with my Asus p4p800 AI motherboard.
    I can't find it anywhere. Or I'll be sent to a site that will sell it to me for $
    I hope someone out there has it, and is willing to share it in a download.

    Thanks in advance

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  3. osmgg

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    search for it in, you should do registeration .

    Osama Ghandour
  4. osmgg

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    How to install system for "HP Compaq mini 110" ?

    recently i bought a mini laptop computer " HP Compaq mini 110 " the computer has a small size and weight but it has no CD/DVD device only USB and network terminals so the question is in case of operating system frailer how to install a new operating system i.e. when i need to install a new system it should to be bootable so how it will be booted from USB or how to install it through a network .

    Osama Ghandour
  5. osmgg

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    needed the file usbehci.sys

    The USB ‘s terminals are not sensible from my desktop IBM computer I tried to get its driver from win xp cd but the computer send me a message that it needs the missed file usbehci.sys I searched for this file but no way so is there any solution to operate the usp terminals .

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