Temperature Questions

By Neji49
May 18, 2008
  1. Tmagic650

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    The speeds are fine. My CPU fan is running at 890 rpms. The inlet fan should be in the front of the case and the outlet fan should be in the back of the case. Their speeds are good. Are they noisy?
  2. Neji49

    Neji49 TS Rookie Topic Starter Posts: 57

    I can hear the processor fan,but the chasis fans are inaudible. Woudl you reccomend increasing the speeds for safer temps? Or keep it as is?
  3. TL93

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    Hey, I have the Gigabyte GA-MA78GM-S2H Motherboard and eveyone knows that the Northbridge Heatsink isn't efficent.

    My Temperatures are ranging from 80-100C [100C only happened today]

    Will getting a discrete Video Card Solution lower the temperatures?

    If so, minor, moderate, or major temperature decreases?

    BTW, AMD Stock HSF is loud xD why a 70mm HSF AMD?!?! WHY!?!?!

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