The Better HDD Partitioning Software is?

Nov 4, 2009
  1. As the title say's, I am seeking the better of all that is available. I ask because when I searched, I came up with many. And as I read what is on the ElderGeek I am a little leary of using Partition Magic. I just finished doing a fresh install of WinXP and I want to create a second Partition so I can install Win7, So I can have a Dual boot set up. I Reinstalled WinXP because the Microsoft Knowledge base states that in order to do a a dual boot system, and using an older OS like WinXp, It has to be installed first or things will not work nicely together.

    So long story short, I screwed up on the install and did not create the partition then. So now I need to use a partition proggy,
    I found a few that are sounding good, but???

    Acronis Partition Expert

    I downloaded this one, but have yet to try it.
    Partition Manager 10

    Any other Ideas or Suggestions are welcome
  2. WinXPert

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    Gnome Partition Editor (GParted) it's Linux based, it's free and it's good.
  3. raybay

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    Acronis is very good... many others work well, as there is not much to screw up.
    But I would follow the advice you have already been given. Start with the Most recent operating system... and created your partitions and format those partitions. Read the instructions that came with Windows 7 about how to create a dual boot system... Once Windows 7 is installed, then you can work on Windows XP. You will likely not have good luck starting with WXP, then creating Windows 7 on the partition you are going to create.
  4. LookinAround

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    1) Gparted is good, free and easy to use but (i think) the down side is the nuisance of always having to boot into a different OS each time you want to use it
    > Tho i'd still advise creating a Gparted Live CD just to have both Gparted and TestDisk available if you have partition/data format/recovery issues

    2) IMHO : What i like best of the free partition managers is the EASUS freeware Partition Manager 10
    > It runs under Windows so you can use it whenever you want (no need to reboot to a different OS)
    > It will handle most of your partitioning needs. Just keep that Gparted CD around for emergencies!

    SGTDRE TS Rookie Topic Starter

    To be honest I'm expecting Issues, and If I can't make things work, then I will just wipe the HDD again and just install Win7 and just put XP to sleep :) Thanks for the replys

    SGTDRE TS Rookie Topic Starter

    When I downloaded Gparted and unziped it to a folder I got a warning message that the file was Corrupted ?

  7. LookinAround

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  8. WinXPert

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  9. kimsland

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    A day late here, I ended up catching my kids cold and went to the Doc yesterday morning, this Syrup that he gave me just for the most part Knocked me out, and made me feel loopy :)

    anyway Back to the topic here, After my last post, I did a System restore then I used PM 10 to make a Recovery Disc, then I did the Partition. This is the first time I got back here, Thank you for the help to all, I will check out the Guide.

    Umm Win7 CD has a partition tool on it?

    I will try the Download again and.

  11. SGTDRE

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    I'm not all to sure how much of a Difference this will make, but I used the Win7 upgrade adviser. Just to see what it would report, be it supported or not, I have attached it here. If you do look at it, the Game Port I never used, so that does not matter here. Also I never used Outlook Express again it does not matter.
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