The price of a web page template....?

By leem
Dec 10, 2004
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  1. I don't know the price of web development, can you help?


    I am developing a website to research Peak Oil. The purpose of the website is to examine the claims of proponents and critics. I have the design in my head. It will roughly be a side bar with general topic links. When you click on the link, either a menue pops out with a collection of links related to that topic, or it will take you to a page with the collection of links on top in a table--Kinda like the table of links in

    I just want a template for the links and page structure. There will eventually be 20-30 pages, but they will all use the same template. I will use CSS to modify color schemes and styles. I will input the date.

    How much would you charge for a template for me to use? I could fax what I have drawn up, or email my design plan.

    Lee Mowery

    ps. There will be one page that is significantly different. It will be a place you can go to buy books and dvds from both critics and proponents. I may even have links to website that sell energy saving technology (like solor power or dome homes), or I may try to set up an agreement on selling the product itself on that page.
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