Thermal limits for the HD 7970?

By erik2041999
Oct 14, 2012
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  1. So I have an hd 7970 oc from msi and I have overclocked it and runs pretty fine only concern is how hot it gets I get up to 85 sometimes so I would just like to know what the themal limit for the gpu is because if it's close to my temps then I would like to change a few things around I would really appreciate if someone told me thanks.
  2. slh28

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    85C is fine, my top card in CF runs up to 95C without any throttling. Thermal issues only kick in around 100-110C or so.

    If you're still concerned then set up a custom fan profile in MSI Afterburner.
  3. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Ok thanks very much just out of interest have you got a high overclock that goes at least 1210mhz on the core and works fine. And by the way I already have a custom fan profile. so I have another question bassically I overclocked to 1220mhz on core and 1610 on memory and the voltage up to 1.272 volts but for some reason it just randomly kind of dies I get a black screen and then all the fans start going very quietly and as long as I wait it wont respond until I restart it using the button. Do you know anything that could be causing that. I have a silverstone modular 1000w psu
  4. slh28

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    If you're getting crashes then your OC is probably too high. If it's running normally at 1210Mhz then stick to that - it's already a nice overclock and an extra 10Mhz won't see any noticeable difference in gameplay.

    1.272V also seems extremely high, most cards go up to the CCC limits of 1125/1575 at stock 1.17V. If I were you I'd try to see what the highest stable OC you can get at 1.2-1.22V.
  5. erik2041999

    erik2041999 TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 31

    Ok thanks I will try and I did not mean crashes what I meant is bassically it would kind of kill my computer and make me restart it and this is not a crash but either way 1.22v it is I will try to overclock by the way I wanted to know how much memory I should stick to ?
  6. slh28

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    Er... killing your computer and making it restart is basically a crash/BSOD no?

    Like I said most cards go up to 1125Mhz core and 1575Mhz memory at stock volts or with a slight bump. At 1.22V I reckon you should go for something like 1175-1200Mhz core and 1600-1625 memory, but remember that all chips are different and will overclock to different levels.

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