ThinkPad 600 problem

By kelsugra
May 21, 2005
  1. I have changed my CMOS battery but it did nothing to solve my problem. I show SystemBoard DEV 01, ERR 41, FRU 1110. I have searched and can find nothing on this particular code. Additionally, the computer starts, goes to the Windows 2000 Server Family logo and says it is starting. Goes %100 percent through the progress bar, then a blue screen with white writing pops up momentarily. Not long enough to catch a glimpse of the message. The process starts all over again and would continue non-stop if I did not turn it off. Is anyone familiar with this problem?
  2. Rick

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    What you have a Windows problem with a few possible causes. Here's a list of hardware / software problems in the order which I see most frequently.

    1. Hardware
      • Failing hard drive
      • Failing memory
      • Incompatible BIOS (solved with a BIOS update)
      • CPU / Board / electronics problems
    2. Software
      • Corrupted system files / file system (Usually caused by failing hard drive)
      • Virus / malware infection
      • Certain driver and system-level software issues

    Given the age of the laptop, (600s were around 1999-2000 I believe) failing hard drive is very likely. You can refer to this post for utilities where you can diagnose the problem yourself and determine if it is a failing drive:
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