Three CAT5 cables, two connectors

By Dadeadcorpse
Dec 13, 2012
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  1. So here's my problem. One of my computer is in the furthest room away from my wireless router. My house is fully wired with CAT5 cable. I just need 2 connectors and 2 shorter cable to make the junction between the wallplate in that room and the same at the other end of the long cable. My issue is once my circuit is complete I have no signal from my router.

    Just to be clear on the physical set up. It goes Router > short cable > connector > long cable > connector > short cable > computer.

    Every single element of that circuit has been tested independently of the rest.
    I have also tested my 2 short cable together with each connector and it worked fine.
    Also tested the long cable with single connector and single short cable. also worked fine
    But when I put everything together I get nothing.

    Has anyone encountered something similar to that?

    Thx for the help!
  2. wrt54gs7

    wrt54gs7 TS Enthusiast

    Make sure all cables are of the same type, all should be straight-through. Max cable length is around <100m (from router to pc).
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  3. jobeard

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    wrt54gs7 is correct. Normal patch cables have a twist between the read on one end to the write on the other end.
    You need read-to-read (or straight through) everywhere.

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